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An Overview of Transportation Logistical Services, L.L.C.

Transportation Logistical Services, L.L.C. was founded in January 2001 as a travel management company, specializing in the provision of managed group travel service. TLS’ principle market place is federal and state governmental agencies. TLS is a dynamic company using state-of-the art technology to deliver innovative travel management services . TLS has developed many specific programs and services to support the travel needs of Job Corps Centers.

TLS’ founder, James R. Roberts, was an early leader in the Green Thumb Program and has vast experience and knowledge in working with federal, state and local governmental agencies and programs.

TLS is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and provides 24-hour/7-day per week services. TLS understands that its clients need access to professional travel management services on a continuous and uninterrupted basis.

TLS’ business mission is to provide accessible and affordable travel management services to organizations and group travelers. TLS is service driven and provides professional services in a timely and organized manner.

TLS delivers additional costs savings to Job Corps centers through the lowest ticket management fees available to Job Corps Centers.

TLS recognizes that superior service has become the exception rather than the rule, and that clients are frequently taken for granted. TLS believes that each customer is important to its success and maintains contact with clients through regular telephone conversations, mailings and visits to client offices.

TLS guarantees the best service at the lowest cost, continually cultivating within its employees a passion for excellence that translates into peak performance for clients.

As a symbol of its business standing, TLS has access to the prestigious Hickory Travel Systems, a $12 billion travel organization with members throughout the world. This links TLS to the resources of the largest travel companies, yet TLS retains its independence.

Overview of Service

TLS offers Centers a complete and comprehensive dollar-saving student transportation program. TLS works directly with client staff to implement and manage the student travel program in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of the Center’s management, and in compliance with all national program policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

TLS offers the solution to student transportation management. The TLS travel solution includes:

  • Coordination of all student travel – air, bus and rail tickets.
  • Prompt acknowledgement of all orders.
  • Immediate processing of all ticket requests.
  • Prompt response to all itinerary change requests.
  • Provision of all reports necessary to support transportation purchases.
  • Ability to work in concert with the Center staff.
  • Travel services for Center staff.
  • Service available on a 24-hour/7-day per week basis.
  • Professional Travel Managers always answer your calls; no voicemail.
  • More than 200 years of combined travel management experience.

Services In Detail

Travel Requests
To enhance service to your staff, all student travel orders (air, bus and rail) are processed through a centralized system. Use TLS’ website, toll free number or fax to contact us with your orders.

WEB: http://www.calltls.com/
FAX: (816) 741-7662 
PHONE TOLL FREE: (888) 746-5445

Center Staff Travel Scheduling and Processing
TLS works directly with Centers to coordinate and process staff travel requests. TLS understands that Center Staff are pressed for time. For this reason, staff travel is processed with the same priority as student travel requests. 

To further make Center Staff travel management easy, all requests are processed directly through the same website and phone numbers listed above under the heading Travel Requests.

Travel Itineraries to Admission Counselors (AC’s / OA’s) 
To further reduce client-staff work TLS faxes all travel itineraries for inbound students directly to their responsible Admission Counselor. This process occurs simultaneously with the issuance of the itinerary(s) to your Center. TLS works directly with Centers to ensure that all itineraries are received in a prompt manner. Centers have found that incoming students have a higher level of travel comfort when they have advance knowledge of their travel schedule.

TLS accepts Center Credit Cards or Purchase Orders
TLS accepts all major credit cards for Job Corps Centers travel purchases just as do other vendors to the Program.

Quality Control
TLS’ quality control program translates into reduced work for Center staff, lower travel costs and error free itineraries. Our quality control program allows us to effectively manage your student travel program. Examples of TLS’ quality control program include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced travel scheduling to minimize bus and plane transfers.
  • A review of all itineraries before they are issued.
  • Maintenance of electronic files for instant access.
  • Each ticket is supported by the ticket request and collateral support materials.
  • All orders received through the web are electronically acknowledge as they are received.

TLS has proven that its student travel management program reduces the workload of Center staff offering clients another dollar savings benefit.

Travel Management Fees
TLS charges the lowest travel management fee. All travel agencies and travel management companies levy “management fees.” Since offering its services to Job Corps Centers, TLS has charged the lowest travel management fee available to Job Corps Centers. Equally important, TLS has always disclosed its travel management fees. With TLS you know what your charges are.

TLS charges $3.00 for all tickets order via the web and $6.50 for all tickets ordered by fax. These charges afford client-centers with significant dollar savings as other vendors charge $15.00-$50.00 per ticket.

Toll Free Phone Numbers
TLS provides toll-free phone numbers for Center staff, student travelers, and families to call 24 hours a day. Each telephone call to TLS is answered by a professional travel manager.

Electronic Ticket Tracking
TLS uses electronic tickets for air and bus travel to reduce costs and manage the issue of unused tickets. The use of electronic tickets also eliminates costs of the overnight shipment of paper tickets. If for any reason electronic tickets are not an option, the cost of overnight shipment is the financial responsibility of the Center. TLS does not mark up shipping costs as other vendors typically do.

TLS’ Reservation Computer Technology
TLS utilizes the Sabre Reservation System. Sabre is the world's largest electronic travel network with access to every airline reservation system including Southwest Airlines. Travel management companies utilizing reservation systems such as Apollo, Worldspan, or Amedeus cannot access Southwest’s reservation system. TLS participates in Southwest Airlines commission program and will capture the lowest price fares available.

TLS’ On-Line Reservation System
In order to make your Centers’ student ticket ordering as simple as possible, TLS developed a 4 step ordering process for student and staff travel. By using your Job Corps email address as your username and a secure password of your choice, you are able to order student or staff travel from any PC that has Internet access.

TLS’ website can be found at: http://www.calltls.com

Most importantly this system provides complete security and allows only your designated staff members to order tickets. This process can be accomplished from your Center or from home (in cases of emergency travel).

TLS is the first travel management company to offer website ordering to Job Corps Centers. TLS understands the efficiencies that the electronic ticket ordering and processing generates and delivers the savings to client centers.

TLS’ On-Line Reporting System
TLS will soon offer Centers secure access to TLS’ Travel Management Reports. TLS’ website is another example of how TLS becomes an extension of your staff – and why TLS designates itself as the dollar savings, customer friendly, full-service travel management-company.

Airline Itineraries
TLS provides travel itineraries to all passengers and to appropriate Center staff.

Airline Ticket Savings
TLS saves the Job Corps Program money on air tickets. The annual savings to a Center the size of yours will be substantial.

Chartered Bus Services
TLS charters buses to support student travel needs. For all chartered buses, TLS seeks bids and provides the lowest cost quality provider to the center. TLS has an exclusive business relationship with the largest charter bus organization. This business relationship translates to improved services at the lowest available cost to clients.

TLS makes recommendations based upon cost and historical performance. If a client-center has a preference for a local charter bus company, TLS honors such relationships.

To ensure on-time arrival of the selected charter bus company to your Center, TLS coordinates a pre-site visit. This ensures the selected bus company knows the exact location of your Center and all special requirements (e.g. parking and pick-up) prior to summer and winter break.

TLS follows up with the selected chartered bus company 30 days, 15 days, 7 days, 2 days, the day before and finally the day of travel to ensure fulfillment of the purchased travel.

TLS monitors all charter bus travel to ensure the timely arrival of students at final destination.

TLS uses charter bus companies that utilize Global Positioning Systems so that specific arrival times can be monitored and shared with client centers and students’ families.

Enhanced Charter Bus Services
TLS issues an itinerary for each charter bus passenger. The itinerary includes all appropriate and necessary travel information that the student-traveler can share with his/her family. Every student itinerary also includes TLS’ toll-free numbers so that student travelers and/or their families can call with any questions relative to their travel plans.

TLS provides ticket jackets for all student travelers. These ticket jackets carry TLS’ toll free telephone numbers so that students can call TLS if they have travel difficulties.

TLS arranges for sack lunches on all charter bus services when requested by the client-center.

TLS arranges for professional “chaperone services” on all chartered buses when this service is requested.

To increase boarding and student disembarking efficiencies, TLS provides luggage tags for chartered bus travelers.

Staging Rooms
TLS secures, when available, “staging rooms” at the affected airports to support the outbound and inbound travel of students for summer and winter break travel. These staging rooms provide a secure area for students and staff to congregate while awaiting departing flights and for transportation back to the Center.

TLS Luggage Tags and Ticket Jackets
TLS provides luggage tags and ticket jackets to all client centers. The luggage tags comply with all baggage information requirements and enable centers to pre-tag all outbound student travel luggage. The tickets jackets provide a convenient way for students and staff to organize all of their travel documents.

Student Meal Money
As a supplemental service to your Center, TLS offers to assist you with providing Student Meal Money directly to your students for their travel time. If your Center decides to utilize TLS for Student Meal Money, the costs will be itemized in the respective Travel Management Report.  TLS can provide you with gift certificates, gift cards, etc.

Ticket Refunds
TLS will promptly process all unused tickets and credit the corresponding credit card account.

All airline ticket cancellations are processed the day that they are received and applicable credits issued. Cancellation fees will vary from carrier to carrier however every effort will will be made to obtain the lowest possible cancellation fees.

Because of certain business relationships TLS does not charge cancellation fees for canceled bus tickets. No cancellation fees for voided bus tickets represent another dollar savings to the Job Corps Program.

There is no management charge for cancelled tickets if cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation. Other companies charge a fee of $10.00 or greater for ticket cancellations.

All ticket refunds are detailed in the monthly Travel Management Reports.

Travel Management Reports
Each month, TLS issues a report that itemizes all travel transactions for the preceding month. This report details travel by air, bus and rail, travel date, traveler name, ticket number, cost of ticket, fees, and credits, if applicable.

This travel report will enable the Center to reconcile all travel purchases and know the status of unused tickets. It is most important to note that TLS’ travel report complies with all of the Job Corps Programs national reporting requirements.

Custom reports are available to meet the specific requirements of your center as required. All travel management reports are provided at no cost to client-centers.

When you use TLS you do not have to request travel reports or wonder how much you are being charged for travel purchases: TLS automatically provides you with all necessary travel management information.

Scheduled Center Visits
TLS visits your Center on a regular basis to ensure that your Center’s needs are fulfilled and to learn of additional services and support that can be provided.

Emergency Services

When natural disasters or utility failures require you to temporarily relocate students, TLS is available to secure the required transportation services. 

Periodically weather or heating/cooling systems require a center to close while necessary repairs are made. Over the past years TLS has arranged and scheduled the services (air, bus, charter bus and lodging) needed to service the students. 

Just as emergencies occur at all hours, TLS' services are available 24/7/365 to provide Job Corps Centers with appropriate services.


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