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TLS Travel Management Report for the Job Corps Program

Transportation Logistical Services (TLS) provides its client Job Corps Centers with the Travel Management Report (TMR). This tool enables Centers to comply with all student transportation management and reporting requirements. The TMR details all student travel during the month which allows you to quickly reconcile all travel purchases and account for all unused tickets.

With the changes in student travel, TLS provides centers a fresh start to student travel management. The TMR has been designed to enable centers to be administratively responsive to the identified problems created by unused tickets. In the event that a ticket is unused, call or fax the travel information to TLS’ office and we will cancel the ticket that day and confirm the action to you.

The TMR itemizes each ticket purchased by date, traveler’s name, travel mode and if the ticket was used or not used. You can use TMR report to prepare the monthly “unused ticket report” required by the national office. You will have all the necessary information - travel date, student name, and travel mode - on a single document from a single source. The TMR identifies all applicable credits that have been secured and/or are owed for unused tickets!

In addition to providing a direct solution to the unused ticket issue, the TMR also provides you with other benefits and features such as:

The ability to accurately and easily reconcile travel purchases. Use the TMR as your purchase order and compare it to travel purchases appearing on your monthly credit card statement. know what you are being charged and to know the costs of each ticket purchased?

Detailing the costs of each transaction and provides you with a monthly summary of transportation costs by mode of transportation. TLS will maintain a permanent historical data file of your center’s travel and this information will be available to you upon request.

Identifying all airline tickets as either “E tickets” or “hard copy tickets.” This aids you in complying with national program travel and reporting requirements. TLS will always purchase “E-tickets” unless you specifically instruct/request hard copy tickets. In fact since its inception, TLS has recommended the use of E-tickets.

Easy and digitally secure access to the TMR via TLS' newly enhanced website.

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