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TLS’ Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we order a ticket at any time?

Answer: Yes! TLS offers 24 hour/7 day a week service via phone, fax and Internet. All orders are immediately processed and TLS does not impose arbitrary cutoffs for travel orders on inbound travel.

Question: Does TLS have a Website for ordering tickets?

Answer: Yes! With the introduction of our 2nd generation, state of the art website, TLS is offering Job Corps Centers the security and ease of ordering tickets using our 4-step process. Other ordering systems take 12 or more steps to complete. TLS' customized 4-step interview-style process is quick and easy to use. Whether you have just one travel request or 25 travel requests, our ordering system will simplify the process. 

Question: What is TLS’ management fee per ticket?

Answer: $3.00 for orders placed on our website 
              $6.50 for all phone/fax and email orders; 
              $0.00 for cancellations and/or re-books
The lowest management fees available to Job Corps Centers. Other vendors charge $15.00 or more for management fees. 

Question: Does TLS provide itineraries to Admission Counselors?

Answer: Yes! TLS will not only send an itinerary to Job Corps Centers but to the Admission Counselors as well. Additionally, TLS does not impose a 24-hour delay on the issuing of itineraries.

Question: Can TLS help us manage student travel records?

Answer: Yes! TLS developed the first Travel Management Report (TMR) exclusively for Job Corps Centers. The TMR was developed to enable Centers to manage their student travel, comply with all national program reporting requirements and to issues raised by the Office of Inspector General in its audit of the program. The TMR details each travel transaction, costs, fees and credits if applicable.

Question: Can TLS accomodate the job corps need for extra baggage?

Yes! Simply select the number of bags the student will have and TLS will take the appropriate steps to assure the that everything is pre-paid for the student.

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